The Happy Camper Mysteries

Winnie Hackleshack never had the opportunity to explore her adventurous side. But what does a forty-something divorced woman do to revitalize her spirit? She gets a rescue dog, buys a motor home, and sets off for adventures unknown. 

Join Winnie, Patches, and other friends as they travel the country finding adventure – and mystery – at every turn.

Winnie’s Adventures

M. S. Peke/And So It Begins

And So It Begins

Where it all begins! Winnie left the safety and security of a good job and her hometown. But why? Read the prequel and find out how it all began. Click the button below to get your copy – for FREE!

No Stone Unturned

Arriving at Yellowstone, Winnie anticipated bubbling geysers, buffalo, and scenic views. But on her first night there, she befriends a young woman being bullied. When the young woman is found dead the next morning, with Winnie’s business card, Winnie finds herself looking for clues to solve the woman’s death.

M. S. Peke/Frozen in Death

Frozen In Death

She’s at it again! Looking for a fresh start after a harrowing experience in Yellowstone, Winnie arrives at the KOA near Glacier National Park. Beautiful glaciers, an iconic road, and diverse hiking trails are hers to explore. On her first night, she has dinner with her neighbor in the adjacent campsite. But after the neighbor is found dead the next morning, it doesn’t take long before Winnie gets in over her head. Again.

Join Winnie as she connects the dots that lead to the killer, while battling wits with a sheriff who’s stuck in an 80’s TV show.

Merlot And Murder

A mysterious blonde in a supercar, a wine competition gone horribly wrong, and disappearing owls. Winnie Hackleshack’s week of spas, wine, and relaxation takes a back seat as she searches for a killer.

Winnie’s quest to eat, drink, and be pampered got sidetracked when she’s asked to be a guest judge at a wine competition. After the judge next to her dies, and she gets sick, Winnie gets suspicious. The deeper she digs, the more she’s convinced it wasn’t an accident. It was murder.

M. S. Peke/And So It Begins

Adventure never felt so deadly.

 Cute dog: Check. Murder, mayhem, and a bit of whimsy: Check. An amateur sleuth who’s in way over her head: Double-check.

 Download this box set of the Happy Camper Mystery series and join Winnie Hackleshack as she finds trouble everywhere she goes. If you love mysteries you can’t put down, lots of twists and turns, lovable characters, and side-helping of humor, grab your copy of this collection today and start your own adventure!

Download your copy of the first three Happy Camper books – plus a bonus book from the Grand Prairie Mystery Series. Don’t wait – order now!

Titles included – No Stone Unturned (Book 1), Frozen in Death (Book 2), Merlot and Murder (Book 3) + FREE Bonus book, Critiqued to Death (Book 1 of the Grand Prairie Mysteries).


Entertaining story featuring a delightful amateur-sleuth heroine, a fun cast of characters, and a plot that keeps twisting to the very end — plus a dog anyone would want for their own.

-Mike Krentz, Award-winning author of DEAD ALREADY and ANGELS FALLING

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